Deeds Do Good «once a week» Challenge

Why Do Good Deeds? I found Frank on Vine, and he says it best:

Join me as I pledge to do at least one good deed, every week  in 2017!

To keep it simple, a good deed is a kind action or gesture, towards yourself, someone you know, a stranger, an animal, a plant or living thing, or the environment, after which you expect no reward or recognition.

No Good Deed is too small! Opening the door for someone is a good deed. Writing a letter to a company asking them to be more conscientious about their practices is a good deed. Putting a smile on a stranger’s face, driving someone home, picking up a nail from the road and putting it in the garbage, or putting a spider outside instead of killing it is a good deed. Sending a post card with kind words to someone who helped you in the past is a good deed. Helping a senior cross the street is a good deed. Doing the dishes for your roommate is a good deed. Asking for things in a kind way instead of acting on your anger is a good deed.  So many ways to do good deeds!

The idea is to make our own  individual worlds a better place, and experience the positive side effects. And if we all do this, our collective world can be a better place. -I can’t find any negative side effects of doing good deeds.

This amazing advert by Brazilian ad agency Zaffari captures the Deeds Do Good philosophy perfectly.

-lili :)


“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” -Howard Zinn