Intl’ Community of Kindness

Welcome to the International Community of Kindness!

DISCLAIMER: This community does not discriminate, nor is it a religious one. There is no regard for ethnicity, social status, gender, sexual orientation, or age either. Everyone is allowed in, -no one really knows whom its members are. This community’s members perform acts of kindness here and there, towards others and/or oneself. Each kindness is akin to a carefully planted seed of goodness. No seed of kindness is too small.

My favorite way to recruit people in this Kindness Community is to write personal letters to complete strangers about this great solution to a better world, and inviting them to join (I like picking a name from the phone book). I also recommend that the recipient then passes the letter/invitation onto another stranger, or friend. This way the Kindness Army just expands and hopefully goes around the world.

Membership is anonymous, and the only fee is immediate kindness. Click here for a copy of the letter I usually send out.

Note: I like to avoid creating new waste for anything I do, especially since there is plenty of paper being wasted and discarded every day, so I use recycled materials like cardboard, wrapping papers, and I just cut them up to a regular a-4 letter size for the printer. I even use recycled envelopes (the window ones we get for bills) to send the letters. The idea is to only use what paper is available. Ask friends to save their paper waste for you!


“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” -Howard Zinn