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Food for karma?

When in my teens, I had a little phase where I stole things in stores. I stopped because I got caught, but also because I noticed that I always lost something very treasured of mine within a day, after I stole.

This article is certainly food for thought. Or food for karma?

What birds are eating

Essentially, birds are dying eating our junk, even 2000 miles away from land. Why do we create stuff we can not get rid of, organically?
I gave a donation to the organization who created this film. I also made a suggestion to Belkin to create biodegradable packaging, and included the link to this video in the letter I wrote.

Amazing fair trade clothing…no really!

Well, I can afford to clothe myself responsibly. Maybe you are fortunate enough to do so as well? In any case,  most of us can buy less clothes, and pay a more fair price for it.  -Don’t know about you, but I always end up wearing the same clothes anyway.

These companies are in the UK, if you are aware of a similar service in North America, please share the info!

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