Deed Calendar

Here are some ideas of good deeds you can do. And here’s a great video to inspire us from Life Vest Inside!

Good deeds in general, and tons of ideas here.

  • Give a small gift to a stranger!
  • Donate to your favorite organization. Just  few bucks can go a long way. “Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” -Howard Zinn
  • Drive someone home who may not be as mobile as you, but is on foot.
  • You see an old battery dispose of it appropriately.
  • You see a nail on the roadway, pick it up, throw it in the garbage.
  • Reuse the plastic container you were about to throw away.
  • Do the dishes methodically, so you use less water.
  • Take a shorter shower.
  • You walk by a meter and it’s low on time. It’s not your car,  put a quarter in anyway. -courtesy of
  • Next time you go to the market, ask your elderly neighbor if you can pick up anything up for them.-courtesy of
  • Help someone with a heavy load.
  • Help a senior cross the street.
  • Put shopping carts where they belong (i.e. when you see them in grocery store parking lots, stealing the stalls).
  • Hold the door for someone.
  • Write a thank you note to someone who had a positive impact in your life.
  • Help a friend when they ask, or even when they don’t.
  • Align your values with your actions.
  • Give someone your seat.
  • Give someone right of way.
  • Donate blood.
  • Buy a stranger flowers.
  • Put a few dollars in a recycled envelope and stick the envelope on someone’s car, at the vending machine, in public restrooms, etc.
  • Hide money in random places.
  • Buy someone their meal at the drive through behind you.
  • Contribute to causes you like with your time.
  • Share positive news instead of bad news.
  • Smile and say thank you sincerely to people who help.
  • Create or sign petitions that help make the world a better place:
  • Appreciate how privileged you are, and give something back.
  • Consume less junk.
  • Share your things.
  • Make time for people who you can help.

Good deeds toward yourself (these payoff amazingly well).

  • Read The Power of TED 
  • Get familiar with this
  • If you’re single, or having relationship issues, read Attached.
  • Reframe the way you think so that it alleviates stress. For example, see the opportunities in obstacles!
  • Take advantage of moments when things are working out for you. -There is usually a secret gift in there.
  • Donate stuff you don’t need. You’ll feel less cluttered and put the new space to good use.
  • Empathize with someone you have difficulty with or feel negatively about. What if they’re struggling too, and not all that bad?
  • Do exercise today.
  • Eat fruit of veggies today.
  • Trust an intuition, even if it’s leading you on an unusual or uncomfortable path.
  • Do something that you are scared of doing.
  • Read a book you love.
  • Do an activity you’ve been putting off for ages.
  • Go for a walk in the park.
  • Eat right for your blood type. You’ll feel better and it’s a kind thing to do for yourself. Check out some tips I found here.

Good deeds toward the environment. And if you are wanting to go green in general,  here’s a helpful site.

One deed, each day, makes the world a better place.